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Morning ActivitiesWake up, 6:00 am.
Make coffee, without which nothing at all happens.
Check e-mail. Reply to three people regarding ISA workshop. Answer one student question about final paper for methodology class.
Realize that a workshop contributor probably needs to see a chapter of my book manuscript, as he is implicitly debating with it; open chapter, read through, make minor revisions, and send off. Send chapter to another colleague who requested it at MPSA.
Check last night's final Yankees-White Sox score (Yankees win, 11-8). Brief mental celebration that $182 million lineup seems to be remembering how to hit and score runs.
Send brief message to editor of encyclopedia in which I have a biographical entry; message includes the line "Our e-mail has been funny for a couple of weeks so if you e-mailed me during that time I might not have received the message."
Think briefly about the amount of time that I have spent dealing with e-mail problems over the past year or two; wonder for the umpteenth time why university network administration persists in using a system that really does not serve all of our daily needs (at least not the needs of the faculty). Look over notes from last meeting of information services committee, on which I serve and which meets again this morning; make decision about which lines of inquiry to press as part of ongoing effort to improve network reliability.
Send e-mail to editors at press that may be interested in reviewing my book manuscript, asking for further details about book proposal format.
7:15am: turn to grading of student papers.
7:30am: hear son and daughter begin to stir; realize that I probably will only get one paper graded this morning before having to go in to the university for a fully-scheduled day, and not be able to grade papers again until this evening -- when i will probably manage to get through two or three before falling asleep at the computer.


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