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  Two observations
Two observations1) I seem to have an easier time commenting and grading after I get started. It's as though there's a switch in my brain someplace that flips into "commenting" mode and then it's easier to envision continuing to comment on papers for a while -- certainly easier than before I get started, when I generally look for all kinds of ways to avoid starting the process. But once I get into it the commenting becomes quite a bit of fun, although the assignment of a letter-grade remains frustrating.

2) academic work expands to fill and overflow the time available. It seems to take me a constant 15-20 minutes to comment on a brief (2500-word) student paper, except for the really weak ones that seem to need much more assistance and therefore many more comments. But it always seems that there are more things to do than simply this. It would be nice if I could cordon off time more precisely, focus only on one thing at a time; I sometimes produce this artificially by disconnecting from the 'Net, but then there are books and journals lying around begging to be read, and other things (like preparing my syllabus for my summer course in Poland) to deal with…

Got the first acceptance for the ISA workshop back already. I love e-mail.

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