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Ah, summer -- when the bastion of learning that we call the university gives way to a group of buildings with a prime location and decent facilities to support a slew of small conferences. And other events. Walking across campus today I had to take a different path through the quad (university's gotta have nice grassy quads, right?) because my usual path was blocked off by the some group of realtors (I think) who were having a series of game competitions: obstacle course, something involving water and a tricycle, a hit-the-golf-ball contest, etc. Behind me were several team leaders from some other competitive activity, talking about how their kids were going to do in the day's events; I didn't listen closely because I was, imagine this, walking to class and thinking about what I was about to teach. On a university campus. Go figure.

I hate being reminded that in this present culture, a university is a business like any other: taking in fees, processing bodies, making a profit or at least breaking even (hey, it costs a lot to give those administrators their exceptionally high salaries). I hate having it flaunted as I walk from the parking lot -- the cheap parking lot, since the one next to my office is too expensive for me to pay for it, and yes, we have to pay for parking even though we work here -- to my office, and have to dodge campers and tour groups and people who were entirely too peppy for 9am, dressed in matching t-shirts as they prepared to triumph in the three-legged race ... on the quad around which stand buildings that house faculty offices and classrooms.

I hate it when various forces and persons conspire to turn my vocation into a mere job.

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